When is a Good Time For Tree Removal?

How do you know when you should have a tree removed from your property? There are signs that let you know if your tree needs to be removed. Also, a healthy looking tree can also be hazardous and should be removed.

Indicators for a Tree Removal

  1. Truck Damage: If the truck has damage than this is a sign that the tree should be removed. Holes and large cracks in the bottom of the trunk may suggest that there is decay on the inside of the tree, which is unsafe.
  2. Tree Has Dead Branches: There are dead branches on the tree is a sign that the tree may need removed.
  3. Does the Tree Lean? If the tree leans are dangerous and should be removed. A leaning tree usually means that the roots of the tree is weak. If the tree is tilting 15%-20%, then the tree should be removed.
  4. The Tree is Hallow: If the tree trunk is hallow, then the tree structure is very weak and should be removed.
  5. Mushrooms On Base of Tree: If you can spot mushrooms growing on the base of the tree or fungi is growing in this area, then the tree has rotting occurring inside of the tree. These are two major signs that the tree should be removed.
  6. Peeling Bark on the Trunk: If you notice that the bark on the trunk of the tree is peeling or chipping, then this is a sign that the tree should be removed.
  7. Tree is Close to House or Utility Lines: If the tree branches or tree is close to your house or utility lines, then it is a hazard and the tree should be removed.

A Minnetonka Tree Removal is underway - Nature's Touch Tree Care and LandscapingTrees provide shade and protection along with beauty, but when a tree poses risks to the home, people, and objects, then it should be removed. You should always contact a professional to remove a tree, especially a large tree that poses danger. A profesional company will have the correct equipment and qualified staff to safely remove the tree without any problems.

Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is that professional tree company that can safely remove trees. Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is the professional tree removal in Minnetonka. Residential and commercial property owners have depended upon our tree removal expertise for decades. If a tree on your property has any of the danger signs listed above, then contact us today. One of our trained and qualified technicians will come evaluate your tree and provide you with an estimate. Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping in Minnetonka is the tree removal experts.