What Does Tree Removal Cost in Eden Prairie?

Property owners in Eden Prairie and surrounding Minnesota communities need to keep their properties beautiful with tree services from a reputable local landscaper. Sometimes, sadly, these services include removing a tree completely. While it’s hard to let go of an old, well-grown tree, a dead tree can pose hazards to nearby structures and even spread disease to surrounding trees. Professional arborists can cut down a dead or diseased tree and remove the stump and roots. Usually this process involves everything from cutting down the tree trunk, possibly putting it through a chipper on site, hauling away debris, and site cleanup. 

Home and business owners also have budgets to consider, and the costs of tree removal in the area can be a concern. Property owners in the Minneapolis area reported tree removal costs between $200 and $1,000, which makes the average cost for tree removal in the area around $550. While this might sound like a lot, in includes various services including limb chipping, tree trunk removal, and stump grinding. The adage of getting what you pay for also applies to skilled arborists who use modern equipment to remove your trees safely.

In the greater Minneapolis area, Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping have worked hard to become the most trusted tree experts and landscapers. We care about our local environment and want to keep Minnesota beautiful as well as treat our neighbors well by keeping costs low. When you call us for tree removal, pruning, or any other tree care services, we will get back to quickly with a detailed estimate that explains all services and their costs.