Tree Removal for Local Minnetonka Resident

Our crew at Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping is proud to be one of the premier tree companies serving Minnetonka. For nearly a decade, our team has provided a variety of services to the residents of Minnetonka, such as tree removal, tree trimming, landscaping, and landscaping maintenance.

Our team was recently contacted by a local resident. They were interested in tree removal in Minnetonka. The resident explained to us that they believed a tree in their yard was leaning, and would soon fall. They were concerned because the tree’s lean was gradually getting closer to the house. We told the resident that we would be happy to remove the tree for them, and scheduled to visit their residence the following day.

At Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping, we believe it is vitally important to complete jobs quickly and expertly. Upon arriving at the residence, we were quickly able to determine that the tree did, in fact, need to be removed.

Our crews utilize state of the art equipment in order to remove trees that are rotting, leaning, dying, and more. We are able to complete tree removals in tight or difficult locations, and always recommend utilizing a professional to complete a hazardous job like this.

We were able to complete the Minnetonka tree removal in a single day, and help put the customer’s mind at ease. They were very thankful for the hard work and expertise that our team exhibited throughout the entire process. They thanked us and let us know that they would be in contact if they had any further tree care, tree removal, or landscaping needs.