Our Team Clears Outdoor Space

Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping was contacted by a coffee shop owner in Eden Prairie. The owner explained that his coffee shop had two large trees outside their patio area and each fall the trees were causing a huge mess. The owner said he loved that the trees provided shade and beauty outside of his coffee shop, but the staff was constantly cleaning during the fall months. The owner called us for the best Eden Prairie tree care services available.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping arborist arrived at the location and evaluated the trees thoroughly. Our arborist determined that the trees would be healthier if they were trimmed, and the café owner approved of our suggestions. The team returned that same day to trim the trees. The team trimmed the trees, then cleaned up all of the branches, leaves, and debris so the patio area was left clean and tidy for the customer. Our team let the customer know that the trimmed trees would be less of a mess to deal with, and the trees would be healthier in the long run. The customer was thrilled with the news and was happy that his staff and his customers wouldn’t have to constantly deal with an unsightly mess. He told us how happy he is because he called us for the professional tree care in Eden Prairie. We were just glad to have another satisfied customer, and told him that we would be happy to help him with any trees or landscaping on his property in the future.