Straightforward Job Becomes Removal Job After Health Evaluation

A few weeks ago a homeowner requested Edina tree service from us. We scheduled the tree trimming for first thing Monday morning. The team arrived bright and early Monday morning and the team was thrilled to see the weather was great. The sun was shining and there was a nice, pleasant breeze. The team started trimming the tree that the customer had requested and they were able to have the trimming done within no time at all. We were able to do that job for them really quickly, and they asked us if we minded checking a nearby tree too.

Tree removal was scheduled bright and early

The team started inspecting the tree and we found out that it had been rotting for a while. We could see that the tree was unhealthy by a few of the signs, which included the trunk of the tree was hollowing, there was rotting present, and there were a mass of mushrooms that were growing at the base.

Our edina tree service at this home inclluded removal - Nature's Touch

The couple asked us if we could remove it. The team started removing the top branches, then the base of the tree was removed. We also ground the stump of the tree, so we could remove any of the diseases that were present from their property. The team had the tree removal done within no time at all, which was impressive for the homeowner’s.

The homeowners were really happy that we caught the sick and diseased tree, because it could have spread to their nearby trees, and they didn’t want to have to have those trees removed. The team let the homeowners know that if they noticed any of the signs that were present with the tree that we removed to call us immediately. If we could have been called out sooner we may have been able to save their tree.

The team also told the homeowners that with our tree maintenance plan we could keep their trees and landscaping safe and healthy and we have a plan that is customized for each customer’s needs and preferences. The couple was glad to hear this news, and they said they would definitely call us out for all of their tree care needs, because we are the only tree company that provides quick results and affordable services that homeowners in Edina can depend upon.