Sprucing Up Homes with our Tree Service

A realtor in Eden Prairie contacted Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping to discuss how he could improve some of his properties. The realtor wanted to spruce up these properties before putting them on the market to show dedication to his clients. He called us for the best Eden Prairie tree services to do a basic job, which we did as we improved the curb appeal greatly.

The experts with Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping met with the customer at the first property and we gave him a few recommendations that would include planting two trees and trimming the shrubs. It only took a short conversation with the respective homeowners for them to approve of some basic work. Our crew followed the customer to his next two properties and we again gave the customer recommendations that he agreed to, then our crew returned to the properties the following morning and started the improvements. By mid-afternoon we were able to have all the properties looking great. We planted trees, trimmed and pruned trees, and trimmed shrubs. The properties looked well maintained and very attractive, which is what the customer was looking for. We heard back from the customer a few weeks later. He just wanted to thank us for doing a fantastic job. He told us that he sold the properties very quickly. The realtor said we would be hearing from him in the near future, because of the great work that we provided him and his properties.