There are a great variety of schools and businesses in Minnetonka, making it an excellent place to start or continue raising a family. The excellent school system, supported by a caring community, is something we’re also proud to be a part of. From preschool through high school graduation, you really can’t go wrong with some of these well-respected public institutions. Seeing our kids grow up in the area has been a real treat!

Schools in Minnetonka

We love helping out the business environment here providing tree service in Minnetonka

There are various schools within the city ranging from preschool, Elementary schools, Middle schools and high schools. Minnetonka preschool is a school for kids under age 5 that are just starting out ins chool. This is a great place for early socialization and to make strong connections that will last for years. There are also several elementary schools in the city. Among them are Clear Springs. Scenic HEights, Groveland, and Excelsior Elementary School. At these elementary schools, students are preparing for middle school while discovering their favorite extra curriculars with the support of their teachers, coaches, and neighbors.

By the time they hit middle school, they’re usually just to finish 8th grade and start out at Minnetonka High School. Before that, though, they’ll most likely be at Tonka Middle School East or West. At these two middle schools, students can really start to excel in academics, music and the arts, athletics, or all three! There also some alternatives to the public High School. Students can also attent Tonka Online and Vantage, and it is great that residents of the city have more than one option for a quality education.

It certainly is great to have options, but it might be tough to choose another school besides Minnetonka High School. The facilities are awesome, the teachers are dedicated, and the staff is committed to providing a safe, productive learning environment for each student that walks through the doors. It certainly is one of the best high schools in the Southwest Metro region.

And once a student has graduated from high school, they may be ready to start contributing to the amazing business community the city has to offer!

Businesses in Minnetonka

Businesses do great in MinnetonkaThere are several businesses within the city run and owned by different individuals from different parts of Minnesota. There is a lot of cash flow within the city because of its numerous business activities. The position of the city is great for its proximity to the Twin Cities, while still having a great real estate market due to its nearness to the lake. Here’s a quick overview of some of the other great businesses in the area.

This town has some of the best restaurants in the area. Montague’s Kitchen & Bar, Patron Mexican Bar & Grill, BLVD Kitchen & Bar, and Pattaya Thai are just a few of the places we love eating at when we’re taking a break, entertaining guests from out-of-town, or just looking for a bit of relaxation and quality family time.
This city is a great place to do business in, which is why we love being able to spend time here. We consider it an honor to be able to service our neighbors with our superior tree service. We always look forward to projects and new jobs in Minnetonka, and we can’t wait to visit you at your home or property to provide a free estimate for your next project.