Returning Customer Calls us for Trimming Project

Recently, Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping received a call from a customer in Eden Prairie. The customer had a very old tree in her backyard, and she remembered that we had provided the very best Eden Prairie tree trimming she had seen on another tree in her front yard. She called us again, and we were happy to help.

The team arrived at the customer’s home and they remembered the customer immediately. She was a retired lady that loved spending time in her yard. She met the crew and showed them the tree that she wanted to have trimmed. We let her know that we brought our special crane and bucket equipment, so we could trim the tree safely and effectively. The team positioned the crane and bucket equipment and started trimming and shaping the top of the tree, then the bottom branches. The team finished the tree trimming job later that afternoon. The customer said that the tree looked absolutely beautiful. She said that she remembered planting that tree when her daughter was first born, which was twenty five years ago. She wanted to make sure that the tree would live a long life, so she could show her grandchildren that special tree. She will be able to do that because Nature’s Touch provided her with the best tree trimming in Eden Prairie. The team cleaned up the debris and packed up to go home. We were happy to do great work for an appreciative returning customer.