Patio Damage Avoided Thanks to Our Services

A homeowner near us called us and described how he liked to keep his patio area spotless. The homeowner had put a lot of time and money into his new modernized patio, but one afternoon he noticed that a large branch from one of the trees in his yard was drooping over the patio, and the homeowner feared the mess that could come from this branch. He called in the top Eden Prairie tree company to take care of the pruning, which was Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping crew arrived at the home on time, and as scheduled. We began pruning the tree that the homeowner was concerned with until it was completed. The crew let the customer know that the pruning would enhance the health of the tree and add appearance too, but an important benefit that the pruning would provide is training the growth pattern in the tree so it wouldn’t grow over the patio anymore. The customer thanked the crew for doing an outstanding job. He told us that he didn’t know that pruning provided so many benefits, and he wanted to schedule to have the trees in his front yard done the following week. The customer said that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is the tree company in Eden Prairie that all homeowners can trust and depend upon. We showed him our knowledge, professionalism, and craftsmanship with the quality pruning that we provided for him.