How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

Many homeowners often wonder what decides tree removal prices. There is no cut and dry way to set the price for a tree removal, because the cost is determined by several factors. There are four main factors that determine the cost of a tree removal.

Four Main Factors to Determine Tree Removal Costs

Here are the four main factors to determine the cost of tree removal:

  1. Height of the Tree

The height of the tree plays a major role on the cost of having tree removal performed. Very large trees from 60’ and taller will cost more than having a 30’ tall tree removed. The width of the tree contributes to the price of the removal, as well as the type of tree considered for the job. Oak trees may cost more to be removed, because the Oak tree is one of the strongest and toughest trees in the Midwest. An Oak tree can also grow very tall, and this is just one example of how the type of tree can play a factor in determining the cost of having tree removal done.

  1. Condition of the Tree

The condition of the tree will affect the cost of the tree removal. A tree that is not healthy will often lean, and even a slight lean can be dangerous. It may also be a stability issue, which will also affect the cost. If the tree has multiple trunks, then the trunks could crack and possibly fall during the tree removal. Factors like these all can turn a job that appears simple into something really complex. A tree that has decay also affects the price, because there may be weak spots that will affect the tree removal process.

  1. Location of the Tree

The location of the tree is considered and plays a major factor in the price for the tree removal. A tree that is near power lines or any structures will require special equipment. The branches will need to be lowered down by ropes for safety reasons. The location of the tree can affect the price of the tree removal from 25%-50%.

  1. Is the Tree Dead?

Many homeowners think that if their tree is dead, then the price for tree removal is lower, but if the tree is dead it could make the price increase. This is because dead trees are weak and brittle, which makes the dead tree potentially quite dangerous to remove and work with. Many tree removal services won’t even consider removing a dead tree from a property, because of the risks that come with this tree removal.

Stump Removal

Stump removal can be included in the initial estimate or as an extra charge after the tree has been successfully removed. The price for stump removal depends on the condition of the soil, the roots, and the hardness of the stump. Stump removal involves the use of a stump grinder, which is why this is an additional cost after a tree has been removed.

Once the stump has been removed, then it is recommended to have sod added to the area. Wood chips or mulch is not recommended to go over the area where the stump was, because wood chips will deplete the soil of the nitrogen and will not allow planted grass seeds to grow properly.

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