Minnetonka Tree Care for a Retail center

In early autumn, our team was contacted by a small shopping/retail center owner looking for a tree service in Minnetonka. The retail center owner needed to have some work done on overgrown trees around their pavilion. The owner said the pavilion is a gathering place where locals sit to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and just enjoy nature. We scheduled an appointment with the owner to look over the property, determine a plan and give her some options for correcting the problems.

Project for a tree company in Minnetonka - Nature's Touch Job ImageOur crew arrived at the pavilion in Minnetonka and started looking over the trees. We proposed removing 2 dead trees, removing a large section of potentially invasive plants, pruning 4 larger trees and grinding the stumps of the removed trees. After reviewing the plan, the owner agreed to the estimate, which she was impressed with. She then asked us if we could start the following morning.

Since we had a crew finishing an emergency project in neighboring Deephaven, MN we told her that we could in fact be there the next day after lunch. Upon arrival our team was ready to go. After the tree removal we pruned the 4 trees and and placed mulch around the flowers and plants that were planted around the pavilion. We also removed the invasive plants that were a threat to the 100+ year old trees on the property. Just after we were finishing the Stump grinding, the owner arrived. She said that we did a fantastic job and things looked excellent.

She was very happy that we were so thorough in diagnosing the best strategies to keep the property beautiful and usable for her customers. She felt that we were a great tree company and that Minnetonka residents could trust us and depend on us for quality tree care, tree trimming, and landscaping. The owner said her customers will now appreciate the pavilion, because the trees are trimmed and healthy and the property looks beautiful again.