Minnetonka is a city full of things to do for people of all ages. There are many people who may not be interested in such a city just because they are not aware of all the great things to do. The town is characterized by great shopping, places to go for leisure, and lots of places to eat. Besides, there are several parks within the city and near the lake that can keep you busy and satisfy your need for the outdoors. It is an amazing place to visit for a holiday or trip, and an even better place to live!. Below are the activities that best describe the lifestyle in Minnetonka and the surrounding lake area:

Lake And Water Activities

Minnetonka is one of the best cities

This is possible because there is a lake not far from the city. The lake has been well managed in such a way that all the visitors are able to enjoy a great number of lake activities, like swimming, fishing, and boating. ( Click the link for our top local tree services) You can pay for the boat tours and many other water sports within the city. They are all available in different prices and categories. You just choose what you like. A good place for the tours is Set The Hook, which will take you all throughout Lake Minnetonka!

Shopping and Dining

There are various places where you can go and do shopping. There are big malls with great stores, and unique boutiqes for something special. Most of the stores within the city and the lake region are genuinely local stores that are operated by licensed individuals residing within Minnetonka. There are great deals to be had for shopaholics, and big chain stores if you are looking for something more reliable. Some of the places you can do some shopping include the General Store of Minnetonka, which is a Gift and Specialty Shop, Ridgedale Center, which is one of the biggest shopping malls around, and Olive on Tap, which is also a Gift and Specialty Shop.

Outdoor Activities in Minnetonka

We love living in MinnetonkaThere are several places in the city where you are guaranteed of amazing outdoor activities after a busy day. There are some places where you can enjoy amazing nature walk and other related outdoor activities such as fishing and golf. You can go and play golf with your friends in Bunker Indoor Golf Center which is also offers some great sports camps and clinics. You can also enjoy a nature walk around the lake site as you enjoy the breeze from the lake!

There are some wonderful local parks where you will enjoy seeing plants and watching wildlife. You can be assured of being able to enjoy the outdoors and stretch your legs. Some of these parks include Jidana Park and The Big Willow Park. Minnetonka is one of the best places to enjoy an adventure of nature and a spectacular view of birds, plants and different species of wild animals.