Creating Space at Renovated Home

Recently, we got a call from a new homeowner who had just moved into a fixer-upper. They had a lot of carpentry know-how and had renovated most of the house, but now the homeowners wanted to install some hardscaping outside. They called us to remove an old tree from their backyard so that they could use it for patio space. We set up a time that we could come to the home, so we could inspect the tree and provide the homeowners with an accurate estimate for the tree removal in Minnetonka.

Our tree specialists arrived the following morning. The crew started the tree service by inspecting it thoroughly, and as we checked the tree, it turned out that it was in bad shape. The tree actually had some diseases growing in it that could have affected the health of some of the nicer looking trees in the yard, so we were more than happy to get rid of it for the homeowners. We gave the estimate to homeowners and they happily accepted it.

Tree Removal Job Set to Begin

The crew started removing the branches from the top of the tree, then working their way downwards. Once all of the limbs were successfully removed, the crew started removing the trunk.

This spot is where we did the tree removal in minnetonka

The crew cut the tree in pieces, then started placing all the limbs, leaves, and debris into the dump truck, so we could haul them away for the homeowners. The crew then used our tree grinder to remove the roots of the tree, because any remnants of the tree with the diseases could still affect the other plants and trees on the property.

By the end of the day, our crew had successfully removed the tree for the customer. The wife came out as we were almost finished and thanked the entire crew for doing such a great job. Our crew let her know that she could prevent her other trees from becoming diseased with our landscaping maintenance services. We would provide tree trimming and pruning along with plant care. The crew also let the customer know that if at any time they had a tree emergency to just give us a call because we also provide 24-hour emergency storm damage services.

The customer thanked us for informing her of all of our tree services in Minnetonka that are available. We welcomed the couple to the neighborhood and the customer thanked us for all our professional craftsmanship and knowledge. She said she would be sure to let her coworkers know about our company. We were really excited about another job well done.