Tree Service Cost in Eden Prairie, MN

Minnesotan property owners can sadly forget one of their greatest assets: trees and landscaping. You can have the most beautiful house or commercial building in the greater Minneapolis area, but sick trees or unkept plants can bring down your property value. The best way to avoid this is to take advantage of your local arborists and landscapers. Let’s look at what a trusted landscape company like Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping can do for your property and how much it might cost in the

Typical Tree Service in Eden Prairie MN Area

Professional arborists can rejuvenate the natural life on your local property with a wide range of tree care services from stump grinding to tree maintenance services keep your natural assets healthy year round.

Tree Removal Cost

The professional tree removal process involves first chopping the diseased tree into manageable pieces, hauling them away or chipping them on the property, and then removing the tree stump. The average cost of tree removal depends largely on the height of the tree, with a tall (75+ feet) tree costing an average of $1,500, with a shorter tree (under 25 ft.) costing between $200 and $500. Stump removal can add between $100 to $300, depending on the complexity of the work.

Tree Trimming Cost

Also known as pruning, tree trimming services involve cutting back certain limbs on a tree to remove disease, clear utility lines, promote tree health, and provide more sunlight to landscape plants. The cost for tree pruning services can vary widely depending on whether the tree is damaged, very tall, close to power lines, and other factors. In general, shorter trees can be trimmed for around $100 each, while the average cost for larger trees can go up to $1,000.

Tree Maintenance Cost

Ongoing maintenance of the trees on your property is an important service to consider to keep your landscaping healthy throughout the year. Tree maintenance combines tree trimming, pruning, fertilizing, and other services to promote the long-term health of your trees. Like trimming, tree care cost can vary widely, but the average hovers around $500. Many companies can also charge by the hour between $200 and $300.

Factors That Affect Pricing of All Tree Care Services

Most property owners in the greater Minneapolis area can expect to pay less than the national average, but there are factors that affect the price of all kinds of tree services, including:

  • Tree Size
  • Scope of Tree Service
  • Tree Health
  • Location of Tree
  • Debris and Yard Clean Up
  • Urgency of Tree Service

The only way to really know the cost of tree services in Eden Prairie, MN is to get an estimate from a reputable tree and landscape company.  Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping has been keeping the local area beautiful for over a decade, and their certified arborists can help beautify your property and keep your trees healthy for some of the lowest prices in the area. We also proudly serve Chanhassen, Chaska, Edina, Minnetonka, Shakopee, and the greater Minneapolis area. Contact us today for your personalized estimate.

Average Cost Of Tree Trimming in Eden Prairie, MN

Pruning the trees on your property is very important to maintain their health, but many Eden Prairie property owners can be worried about the cost of professional tree trimming. The process that certified arborists use to properly trim trees involves expertise to diagnose disease as well as state of the art equipment to actually cut off tree limbs. All these landscaping skills are major factors in tree trimming costs, with hourly rates for emergency tree trimming at an average of $250 per hour. The scope and complexity of the pruning job will also contribute to costs.

For non-emergency tree pruning, most tree care experts charge per tree rather than per hour, and a reputable tree and landscape company will offer a detailed estimate. The average cost of tree trimming services depends on several factors like urgency, tree height, and tree location. For example, to trim shorter trees (up to 30 feet tall) it can cost between $100 and $450 per tree. Professionals can trim medium trees (between 30 and 60 feet) for between $200 and $800. Most taller trees can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and up, because tall trees usually require special equipment and hazard pay for contractors. This is very important because you want a company who properly ensures their employees.

The most reputable arborists in Minneapolis and surrounding communities are at Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping, and they’re experts in safe and reasonably priced tree trimming. If you have overgrown trees that are blocking light or becoming dangerous, contact us for an estimate right away. We’ll be transparent with all costs and the reasons we recommend them.

Tree Care in Eden Prairie Average Cost

Ongoing tree care services like tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and landscaping maintenance can keep your Minneapolis area property looking beautiful throughout the year. Professional arborists like those at Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping have the skills to diagnose tree and landscape problems and provide the perfect remedy, whether that’s cutting off diseased limbs, mulching, or removing dead foliage. Many local property owners can be worried about cost, however.

Though the best way to know the average cost of tree care in the Eden Prairie area is to get an estimate from a trusted landscaping company, here are some price ranges for tree maintenance in Minnesota. In the greater Minneapolis area, tree maintenance can range from $400 to almost $600, with locals paying an average of just under $500. This is in line with national averages, which range anywhere from $100 to $1,000, depending on a lot of different factors.

Tree care prices are affected by a lot of factors, including the scope of the landscaping problems and whether or not it’s an emergency. Taller trees are more complicated to maintain because more labor is involved. If trees are close to power lines, threaten to fall on structures, or are otherwise complicated to trim, that will increase the cost. Trees with major disease also need special protocols to keep the disease from spreading.

Always consult with a certified arborist and get a detailed estimate so you understand the costs for your tree care services. The tree experts at Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping are ready to help you beautify your Eden Prairie property.

What Does Tree Removal Cost in Eden Prairie?

Property owners in Eden Prairie and surrounding Minnesota communities need to keep their properties beautiful with tree services from a reputable local landscaper. Sometimes, sadly, these services include removing a tree completely. While it’s hard to let go of an old, well-grown tree, a dead tree can pose hazards to nearby structures and even spread disease to surrounding trees. Professional arborists can cut down a dead or diseased tree and remove the stump and roots. Usually this process involves everything from cutting down the tree trunk, possibly putting it through a chipper on site, hauling away debris, and site cleanup. 

Home and business owners also have budgets to consider, and the costs of tree removal in the area can be a concern. Property owners in the Minneapolis area reported tree removal costs between $200 and $1,000, which makes the average cost for tree removal in the area around $550. While this might sound like a lot, in includes various services including limb chipping, tree trunk removal, and stump grinding. The adage of getting what you pay for also applies to skilled arborists who use modern equipment to remove your trees safely.

In the greater Minneapolis area, Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping have worked hard to become the most trusted tree experts and landscapers. We care about our local environment and want to keep Minnesota beautiful as well as treat our neighbors well by keeping costs low. When you call us for tree removal, pruning, or any other tree care services, we will get back to quickly with a detailed estimate that explains all services and their costs.