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Homeowners and business owners contact our tree service for the most professional landscaping and tree trimming in Edina has to offer. Nature’s Touch Tree Care is a family owned and operated business that has over two decades of experience and dedication to the city. We provided trained and qualified employees that thrive on assisting our customers with attractive and safe landscaping. it is our pleasure to serve our community with our excellent tree removal and landscaper services.

Landscaper and Tree Service

We offer the following tree company services:

  • Tree Care
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Landscaping Maintenance
  • And so much more…

We can remove any unhealthy, dead trees, shrubs, and plants, along with providing customized landscaping. We are a full service tree service and landscaping provider.

Edina, Minnesota

Edina, Minnesota was first founded in the 1800’s and was a small milling and farming community. The city is located southwest of Minnesota and has a population of 49,376. The motto for the city is, “For Living, Learning, Raising Families, and Doing Business.” Edina is home to over fifteen hundred acres of parks. The Centennial Lakes Park is a must see for any visitor coming to Edina. The Centennial Lakes Parks offers paddle boating, walking paths, an 18 hole putting course, ice sledding, ice skating, and, during the summer months at the Maetzold Amphitheater in the park, visitors can enjoy live music and movies.

An Edina Tree Care Arborist at work for Nature's Touch Tree Care and Landscaping

This city is known for the public art that is located throughout the city. Grandview Square, France Street, 50th Street, and Argonaut Street where visitors can enjoy local public art displayed, which includes dancing sand hill cranes (and more!). The art is done by local residents and are beautiful to see. 50th and France is located in downtown, and is a popular area for shopping and dining. There are a mixture of boutiques, diners, restaurants, and specialty shops located and this area will display the charming city.

This city offers something for everyone. Families can go swimming, fishing, or boating during the warmer months and ice skating or sledding during the winter months. Shopping and dining is always something that everyone enjoys and the best place to do that is downtown Edina. If you are looking for an exciting place to visit anytime of the year, then Edina, Minnesota is the place to come.

Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping is the landscaping and tree service provider that businesses and homeowners contact in Edina, Minnesota. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. Contact us today and let us discuss our tree care or landscaping services.

Straightforward Job Becomes Removal Job After Health Evaluation

A few weeks ago a homeowner requested Edina tree service from us. We scheduled the tree trimming for first thing Monday morning. The team arrived bright and early Monday morning and the team was thrilled to see the weather was great. The sun was shining and there was a nice, pleasant breeze. The team started trimming the tree that the customer had requested and they were able to have the trimming done within no time at all. We were able to do that job for them really quickly, and they asked us if we minded checking a nearby tree too.

Tree removal was scheduled bright and early

The team started inspecting the tree and we found out that it had been rotting for a while. We could see that the tree was unhealthy by a few of the signs, which included the trunk of the tree was hollowing, there was rotting present, and there were a mass of mushrooms that were growing at the base.

Our edina tree service at this home inclluded removal - Nature's Touch

The couple asked us if we could remove it. The team started removing the top branches, then the base of the tree was removed. We also ground the stump of the tree, so we could remove any of the diseases that were present from their property. The team had the tree removal done within no time at all, which was impressive for the homeowner’s.

The homeowners were really happy that we caught the sick and diseased tree, because it could have spread to their nearby trees, and they didn’t want to have to have those trees removed. The team let the homeowners know that if they noticed any of the signs that were present with the tree that we removed to call us immediately. If we could have been called out sooner we may have been able to save their tree.

The team also told the homeowners that with our tree maintenance plan we could keep their trees and landscaping safe and healthy and we have a plan that is customized for each customer’s needs and preferences. The couple was glad to hear this news, and they said they would definitely call us out for all of their tree care needs, because we are the only tree company that provides quick results and affordable services that homeowners in Edina can depend upon.

A Big Project is No Problem for Our Team

A retired couple called us as their number one Edina tree service company. The couple had several old, but cherished trees on their property that they wanted assessed for health. We set up a day and time that would be convenient for the couple, and we arrived at the appointment on time. Our certified arborist and crew arrived at the Edina residence to evaluate their trees. The arborist let the couple know that their trees were healthy, and we recommended a simple pruning on one of the trees.  The other two trees just needed a light thinning and shaping. The pruning and thinning would promote health and growth, which was the most important of our tree service for the couple.

The crew started pruning the first tree, then thinning out the remaining trees. The crew cleaned up all leaves, limbs, and debris when the work was done because we always leave a property clean and tidy for our customers. The couple told us that the trees looked great, and also that they were very glad they had called us. They remarked that all of our crewmembers were knowledgeable, extremely friendly, and provided superior tree services for them. We’re always grateful to hear kind words from our customers, but we always end up finishing products with pride. The crew let the customer’s know that if they needed any other tree services, including maintenance or even removal, to just give us a call back and we would be right out.

Apartment Building Needs Attention

Not long ago, Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping got a call from an apartment manager in Edina. The apartment manager noticed that a tree on the property was starting to damage the cement of the walkway. It looked very bad, so he called us in for our top Edina tree removal services. When we arrived at the apartment complex the manager showed us the tree and the walkway. He said that not only did it look bad, but he was getting worried that one of the tenants or a visitor would trip and get hurt. We let him know that we would take care of the tree before anything regrettable could happen.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping crew went to work immediately on removing the tree. The crew noticed that the tree was not in good health, so it would be a good idea to remove the tree. The crew worked continuously, and within several hours they had the tree removed and the area cleaned up. Then, the crew started removing the stump with our stump grinding equipment. In no time at all the tree and stump were removed, and the walkway was safe for the tenants and guests. The manager was so happy to see that we were able to get the job done quickly. He said that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is the tree removal specialist Edina residents can depend upon for professional tree services.

Shop Owner Needs an Expert Arborist

Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping was contacted by a business owner in Edina. The owner had a small boutique, which had a tree outside of one of their windows that was blocking natural light from illuminating the shop. They called us as their number one Edina tree company, and we did a great job with a simple trimming.

We met with the customer so we could look over the tree that needed to be trimmed, then give them an accurate estimate. The customer was happy with the estimate and the crew started trimming the tree. The crew trimmed and shaped the tree and as soon as the crew was done the owner came out and said that the boutique is now getting sunlight through the window that was being blocked. The customer said that the store was really gloomy because there was little to no natural light coming through the windows. The owner felt that if the store was bright and cheerful, the shop’s patrons would stay longer and purchase more items. Our customer told us that we did an excellent job, and she is happy that she called Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping to do the work.  She mentioned that she would make sure to tell all her customers about the services that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping provides, so that they could use the services from the professional tree service in Edina.