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Homeowners contact Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping for quality services from a certified arborist. We have many years of experience and dedication as an Eden Prairie tree company. We have trained and qualified professionals that will assist you in customizing your landscaping to provide curb appeal and beauty, and safety. We offer a wide range of tree service and landscaper options to meet the needs of our customers.

Tree Trimming, Tree Care and Tree Removal Services in Eden Prarie

We can assist you in having the personal landscaping that you desire. We can keep your trees and plants healthy, and we can also remove any dead trees or shrubs that you have on your property.

Feel free to give us a call Monday – Friday 24/7. We’re available for emergency storm damage cleanup as well!

All About Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Eden Prairie, Minnesota is located just twelve miles from Minneapolis. Eden Prairie has a population of 60,797, which makes it the seventh largest suburb in the state. The nickname for the city is “EP,” and the motto for the city
, “Live, Work, and Dream.” The city was founded in 1858 and Native Americans were the first to live in the area. Eden Prairie was ranked as the Number One Best Places to Live in America by Money magazine.

Tree Service in Eden Prairie Performed by a Nature's Touch Team Member

The city has nearly ten thousand acres of land that has been designed for parks and scenic views. In the city visitors can choose from over thirty five parks and nature trails to visit. The Birch Island Woods, Cardinal Creek Trail, and the Riley Creek Trail are just a few of the nature trails in Eden Prairie that has bridges, boardwalks, and scenic views to enjoy. Eden Prairie is also known for its natural springs. The Fredrick-Miller Spring is available for all residents and visitors to get fresh water at the natural spring year round. If you would like to visit the public beaches ihere, then the Riley Lake Park Beach or the Round Lake Park Beach are two excellent beaches in the city. Visitors can enjoy swimming, building sandcastles, picnics, volleyball, baseball, and much more. There are lifeguards on duty every day throughout the summer. This city has something for everyone. If you love the outdoors, then this city is the place to visit, because there are so many outdoor activities available.

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Our Services Prepare New Garden Space

We were contacted by an elderly couple who was wanting to remove an old tree to make room for a retaining wall. The lady of the house was interested in tending a garden next spring with her grandchildren, who were just getting old enough to do yardwork and to play outside. We let the couple know that they indeed called the right tree company in Eden Prairie, because we specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, and landscaping.

We Began the Tree Removal

The crew arrived at the home to start working on removing the tree. The weather was ideal as the sun was shining and not a cloud was in the sky.  It’s a good thing the couple called us out when they did. There was fungus growing on the trunk, and there was also some rotting clearly present. We use only the latest equipment to remove larger trees, and the crew went to work removing the branches from the top of the tree, then working their way down, so we could remove the bottom of the tree.

We did backyard tree service in Eden Prairie for a nice couple - Nature's Touch Tree Care and Landscaping

The crew worked non-stop until the tree was removed, then the crew started grinding the stump with our stump grinder. When we were done there was no evidence that there had been a tree in the location. The crew cleaned up all the leaves, limbs, and debris completely. We did the job for them quickly and neatly, and we also advised them that they should get one of their trees pruned for its health and for the benefits of the upcoming garden.

The crew informed the couple that the tree that we removed was unhealthy and rotting, and that we could prevent this from occurring with their other trees with our tree maintenance service. The couple was very happy with the information that we provided them. We sure didn’t want the couple to plant a nice garden, only to have the plants and flowers become unhealthy due to any diseases that their trees might have.

The customers thanked us for doing an outstanding job and then scheduled us to return in about 60 days to do the tree trimming and tree care for their other trees. They were happy that they called the most qualified tree company that was knowledgeable to boot. We were happy to have another satisfied customer.

We Help Out in Eden Prairie with Tree Trimming

Recently, Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping was contacted by a single mom in Eden Prairie. The single mom’s property had several overgrown trees, but she didn’t have time to look into hiring someone or doing the work herself. She knew her property was starting to look drab and she decided to call someone out to do the tree trimming for her. She asked her coworkers who to call and they all said to call Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping for the best and affordable tree trimming in Eden Prairie.

Tree Trimming in Eden Prairie Before PictureThe Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping went to the Eden Prairie home and gave the single mom a bid that she could afford. The Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping team returned on Monday morning and started trimming the trees on the property. Once the team was finished and headed to the next job the customer called the office. The single mom said she couldn’t believe how beautiful her yard looked, because the Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping team did a great job on the trimming the trees on her property. She said her kids can now play safely outside and she doesn’t have to worry about them, because the trees were all nicely trimmed. The single mom said that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping provided quality tree trimming Eden Prairie mothers could appreciate and afford. The customer said if she knew the price would have been this affordable she would’ve called us out sooner.

Patio Damage Avoided Thanks to Our Services

A homeowner near us called us and described how he liked to keep his patio area spotless. The homeowner had put a lot of time and money into his new modernized patio, but one afternoon he noticed that a large branch from one of the trees in his yard was drooping over the patio, and the homeowner feared the mess that could come from this branch. He called in the top Eden Prairie tree company to take care of the pruning, which was Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping crew arrived at the home on time, and as scheduled. We began pruning the tree that the homeowner was concerned with until it was completed. The crew let the customer know that the pruning would enhance the health of the tree and add appearance too, but an important benefit that the pruning would provide is training the growth pattern in the tree so it wouldn’t grow over the patio anymore. The customer thanked the crew for doing an outstanding job. He told us that he didn’t know that pruning provided so many benefits, and he wanted to schedule to have the trees in his front yard done the following week. The customer said that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is the tree company in Eden Prairie that all homeowners can trust and depend upon. We showed him our knowledge, professionalism, and craftsmanship with the quality pruning that we provided for him.

Our Team Clears Outdoor Space

Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping was contacted by a coffee shop owner in Eden Prairie. The owner explained that his coffee shop had two large trees outside their patio area and each fall the trees were causing a huge mess. The owner said he loved that the trees provided shade and beauty outside of his coffee shop, but the staff was constantly cleaning during the fall months. The owner called us for the best Eden Prairie tree care services available.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping arborist arrived at the location and evaluated the trees thoroughly. Our arborist determined that the trees would be healthier if they were trimmed, and the café owner approved of our suggestions. The team returned that same day to trim the trees. The team trimmed the trees, then cleaned up all of the branches, leaves, and debris so the patio area was left clean and tidy for the customer. Our team let the customer know that the trimmed trees would be less of a mess to deal with, and the trees would be healthier in the long run. The customer was thrilled with the news and was happy that his staff and his customers wouldn’t have to constantly deal with an unsightly mess. He told us how happy he is because he called us for the professional tree care in Eden Prairie. We were just glad to have another satisfied customer, and told him that we would be happy to help him with any trees or landscaping on his property in the future.

Sprucing Up Homes with our Tree Service

A realtor in Eden Prairie contacted Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping to discuss how he could improve some of his properties. The realtor wanted to spruce up these properties before putting them on the market to show dedication to his clients. He called us for the best Eden Prairie tree services to do a basic job, which we did as we improved the curb appeal greatly.

The experts with Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping met with the customer at the first property and we gave him a few recommendations that would include planting two trees and trimming the shrubs. It only took a short conversation with the respective homeowners for them to approve of some basic work. Our crew followed the customer to his next two properties and we again gave the customer recommendations that he agreed to, then our crew returned to the properties the following morning and started the improvements. By mid-afternoon we were able to have all the properties looking great. We planted trees, trimmed and pruned trees, and trimmed shrubs. The properties looked well maintained and very attractive, which is what the customer was looking for. We heard back from the customer a few weeks later. He just wanted to thank us for doing a fantastic job. He told us that he sold the properties very quickly. The realtor said we would be hearing from him in the near future, because of the great work that we provided him and his properties.

Returning Customer Calls us for Trimming Project

Recently, Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping received a call from a customer in Eden Prairie. The customer had a very old tree in her backyard, and she remembered that we had provided the very best Eden Prairie tree trimming she had seen on another tree in her front yard. She called us again, and we were happy to help.

The team arrived at the customer’s home and they remembered the customer immediately. She was a retired lady that loved spending time in her yard. She met the crew and showed them the tree that she wanted to have trimmed. We let her know that we brought our special crane and bucket equipment, so we could trim the tree safely and effectively. The team positioned the crane and bucket equipment and started trimming and shaping the top of the tree, then the bottom branches. The team finished the tree trimming job later that afternoon. The customer said that the tree looked absolutely beautiful. She said that she remembered planting that tree when her daughter was first born, which was twenty five years ago. She wanted to make sure that the tree would live a long life, so she could show her grandchildren that special tree. She will be able to do that because Nature’s Touch provided her with the best tree trimming in Eden Prairie. The team cleaned up the debris and packed up to go home. We were happy to do great work for an appreciative returning customer.

Contractor Requests Help on Tree Removal

We received a call from a contractor was doing remodeling on a property, but couldn’t build a solid patio without first getting the best Eden Prairie tree removal in the yard to prevent damage once the patio was built. The contractor discussed this with the homeowner, and the contractor let his customer know that he could contact Nature’s Touch Tree Care and Landscaping to do the project quickly. The homeowner agreed, and we were contracted to take care of the removal.

The Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping specialists arrived at the home and the contractor directed us to the tree that needed to be removed. The tree was diseased and the roots were starting to protrude from the ground, which would be devastating to the new patio that was being constructed. Our crew started removing large branches from the top of the tree and working their way down. Within a few hours the tree was removed and the crew was grinding the stump to complete the removal. The crew cleaned up the yard and area thoroughly. The contractor and homeowner together thanked us for doing an effective and quick job. The homeowner said that he knows who to call if he ever needs tree removal in Eden Prairie in the future. He said that Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping is the only company he will ever call, because we did a great job!