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IHomeowners contact our tree company for the most attractive landscaping. We have sincere dedication to the city as a passionate arborist. We are a locally owned and operated business that thrives on providing our customers with customized landscaping that is beautiful and safe. We have trained and qualified employees that look forward to serving our customers with our excellent tree service. We offer a wide range of services, and offer the most knowledgeable tree trimming services available.

Tree Service and Tree Care

We are dedicated to providing service as a quality landscaper, and we offer:

  • Tree Care
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Landscaping Maintenance
  • And much more…

We can assist our customers in a personal and customized landscaping project. We also can remove any dead or unhealthy trees and shrubs along with making sure your trees are healthy. We offer complete landscaping and tree care services.

Chaska, Minnesota

Chaska, Minnesota is a small, charming town. The town has a population of 23,770 and the motto for the town is, “A Quality Small Town.” The town was inhabited many years before 1769 when the first records were started. The name “Chaska” comes from the Dakota tribe, which is a name that was often given to the first born male child of a family. The town has a deep history, and the heart of the town located downtown.

chaska tree service client with a great yard after our work is complete

Historic downtown has over one hundred and seventy five businesses. A few of the favorite shopping business located downtown include the Kochenash Fine Art Studio, Mill House Gallery and Gifts, Shop 501, and Linda’s Cellar. If you are wanting to enjoy a great meal or desert, then you can go to Tommy’s Old Fashioned Malt Shop, Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop, and CY’s Bar and Grill. If you love golf, then the Chaska Town Course is the perfect destination for you. The Chaska Town Course has over 285 acres of groves, marshlands, and beautiful open prairie. The golf course has been named as the top golf course of the year in Minnesota and ranked 23rd top 100 municipal golf courses in the United States by Golf Week digest. The River City Days in Chaska is an annual event that occurs each summer. This year will be the 41st year for the event. Visitors can enjoy fireworks, carnival rides, great foods, games, live music, and much more when they attend the River City Days in Chaska. Chaska, Minnesota is a small, but exciting town that offers excitement and fun for everyone.

We are the landscaping and tree care service provider in Minnesota. We offer a wide range of services that will meet your needs. Contact us today if you need any tree care or landscaping services.

Nice Job Finished by a Top Chaska Tree Company

A veteran in Chaska was wanting to remove a tree safely without damaging his property. His home and property was very special to him and he went online to do a search of the best tree removal Chaska had to offer and Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping was the only company that kept appearing. The reviews left by customers impressed him, so the veteran contacted Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping for tree removal in Chaska.

Chaska Tree Removal was done by Nature's TouchThe Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping crew arrived at the veteran’s home and he showed the crew the tree that he was worried about. The tree indeed needed to be removed as it was leaning towards his home and utility lines. We let him know that we use special equipment, so there would absolutely be no damages done to his home or his property. The veteran was glad to hear the news and we returned to his home a few days later with our bucket crane and started removing the tree. Within just a few hours our crew had the tree removed successfully and safely. When the crew was done the customer came out and said he was grateful to have Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping to do the heavy lifting and keeping his property safe and sound. The homeowner said that he would only contact Nature’s Touch Tree Care & Landscaping to do all his tree removal and landscaping from now one, because we did such a great job.