Average Cost Of Tree Trimming in Eden Prairie, MN

Pruning the trees on your property is very important to maintain their health, but many Eden Prairie property owners can be worried about the cost of professional tree trimming. The process that certified arborists use to properly trim trees involves expertise to diagnose disease as well as state of the art equipment to actually cut off tree limbs. All these landscaping skills are major factors in tree trimming costs, with hourly rates for emergency tree trimming at an average of $250 per hour. The scope and complexity of the pruning job will also contribute to costs.

For non-emergency tree pruning, most tree care experts charge per tree rather than per hour, and a reputable tree and landscape company will offer a detailed estimate. The average cost of tree trimming services depends on several factors like urgency, tree height, and tree location. For example, to trim shorter trees (up to 30 feet tall) it can cost between $100 and $450 per tree. Professionals can trim medium trees (between 30 and 60 feet) for between $200 and $800. Most taller trees can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and up, because tall trees usually require special equipment and hazard pay for contractors. This is very important because you want a company who properly ensures their employees.

The most reputable arborists in Minneapolis and surrounding communities are at Nature’s Touch Tree and Landscaping, and they’re experts in safe and reasonably priced tree trimming. If you have overgrown trees that are blocking light or becoming dangerous, contact us for an estimate right away. We’ll be transparent with all costs and the reasons we recommend them.